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Several years ago, Model Designer Maestro Malcolm Corbin was asked by British Model Mag RCM&E to produce a small .25 sized sports aerobat for a free plan feature. The Capiche was born. Inspired by the full size French Aerobatic success – the CAP series, Malcolm set about creating a design based around a similar shape – so it was sort of “CAP’ish” – hence the name, though pronounced "Capeesh".
With a keen interest in F3A and 3D Aerobatic Freestyle, Malcolm was soon at work on the big brother of Capiche……...Capiche II—120.

Capiche II was flown to success by Ace pilot Dave Stephens at the first RCM&E Freestyle Aerobatic competition organised by Terry Westrop in 2000.
Whilst many tried to persuade him to part company with his latest joy, none succeeded until this 2002 when the airframe was eventually passed on, to Mike Williams of the UK you recovered the model and used it to compete in that years Freestyle Aerobatic Comps.
But Malcolm had already prepared a second revised version of this model.  An acknowledged improvement and outstanding model to fly, Benoit Paysant Le Roux (Christophe’s talented brother) enjoyed flying it in France that same year….. Those huge control surfaces comanded tremendous authority in flight……..

Finally, in 2002, Malcolm conceded to some arm twisting from us and sat once more at the pc to create CAPICHE 50 - a version of the model aimed at the mid size of the Capiche and Prototype Capiche II. The design has undergone much consultation and aims to provide a general sports aerobat solution for club fliers through to hot aerobatic and 3D style programmes for the novice and expert alike. Test Models were flown with a whole host of different motor and radio set ups from super economy to outrageously expensive !  The model was first featured in the May issue of RCM&E in the run up before the Sandown Model Symposium and it made the front cover !  A follow up feature was in the June issue of RCM&E.

CAPICHE 50 was officially launched at that Sandown Model Exhibition by a Capiche 50 Display Team that wowed the crowds with the wide range of capabilities of this model. 

2004 saw the launch of the Capiche 140ex : A development of the Capiche II/120 the Capiche 140ex sought to be the hottest property on the Artistic aerobatic scene.  Awesome 3D Capability in an attractive scale like package, but with F3a tendencies to provide an all round smooth and extremly versatile competition grade model in a very light package.  Designed for the likes of the YS 140/160 and equivalent this model has been flown with a wide selection of ic engines both 2 and 4 stroke and even Electric!

The C140ex has placed consistently well in the British Freestyle Champs amongst other competitions, not to mention taking the winners trophy in the hands of greats like Ali Machinchy, Dave Stephens, Nathan Farrell-Jones, Mike Williams and more.  The feedback is outstanding.

Capiche 90 LE : A dream in the shape of a 10% smaller 140ex with subtle alterations - Check out the C90 page as we see the last official member of the Island Hobbies Capiche Trilogy !

Available to YOU NOW, the Capiche 50 and 140ex can be ordered from Island Hobbies through the FLYCAPICHE website.  You choose what you want and how much you want to spend to make up your kit... we'll put whatever you want in the box ! YOU DECIDE ! Click on any of the images to go to the Capiche site where there is a huge resource of information on specifications, the test programme, galleries, build information, newsletter subscription, product price list, and reader & pilot feedback...you name it - the FULL CAPICHE MONTY. - Whilst youre there sign up for FlyCapiche News !